Sports Betting in New Zealand 2018

Sports betting is an exciting activity that allows Kiwi bettors to place their wagers on various kinds of sports and teams. This activity can be explained as the wagering on the outcome of sports either from an online platform or a land-based sports betting facility.The most convenient way for New Zealand bettors is to do their betting on the internet. In many cases, the local land-based sports betting services have an online platform that Kiwi gamblers can use. In this way, they cater for both markets of gamblers.

This guide will concentrate on the information concerning online sportsbooks, what they offer and what New Zealand bettors can look out for in 2018 sports betting.

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Sports Betting Options in New Zealand

There are a lot of sports in New Zealand and the world in general. A lot of NZ bettors take their chances in the various kinds. Hence, the industry of sports betting is such a massive industry. However, Kiwi bettors have sports that they favour more than others. In this section, we are going to look at some of the popular sports that they love putting their money on.

Rugby Sports Betting

The game of rugby has grown in popularity in New Zealand. There are no signs of it ever changing because Kiwis have shown great passion for this sport. Any sportsbook that caters for New Zealanders will know that it is important to offer this sports as an option for Kiwis to place their wagers on.

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Cricket Sports Betting

This is another sport that has seen many New Zealand fans flock to different locations to watch their favourite teams play. It is no wonder that many Kiwi bettors wager money for their favourite teams with the hopes of a great outcome.

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Horse Racing Sports Betting

Horse racing is a popular sport all over the world, and in New Zealand, it is no different. Even though it may not be as popular the sports mentioned previously, the sport has a huge following. The Kiwis that do follow the sport, enjoy the rewards of betting on their favourite horse. Luckily for them, they also have the option to bet online from anywhere in the country.

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Boxing Sports Betting

Many New Zealand bettors like to wager money on this sport because it offers some of the best odds when it comes to sports betting. A lot of NZ gamblers have shown an interest in this game. Even though there are a lot of factors to take into account when you have to place your bets, the odds may be in your favour if played correctly.

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Soccer Sports Betting

Amongst the top loved sports in the world, any sportsbooks that operate knows very well not to exclude this sport on their list. You can opt to wager your money on the match outcome, the score at halftime or the different tournaments.


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There are more sports that NZ bettors can try their luck on and hope for a big jackpot won. Other sports that you can place your bets on are NBA, Racing, Tennis and much more.

Sports Betting Bonuses for Canadian Bettors

Similar to online casinos, NZ gamblers can expect to be rewarded with great bonuses when they are members or signing up with sportsbooks. The bonuses help you to start wagering money on various sports. Not all sports betting sites will offer the same bonuses. We encourage you to check the promotions page of the website to know what to expect. All casino rewards come with terms and conditions that you must be aware of before you start playing.

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Choosing the Best Online Sports Betting Site

All online gambling platforms online have to offers New Zealand bettors a safe place where they can wager their money. All the regulated sportsbooks have to follow the rules of fair online gambling. Every sportsbook has to have a license from any of the regulatory associations that monitor online gambling. A secure sportsbook will also use the 128-bit encryption technology that promotes bettor safety for all New Zealanders.

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