Online Pokies New Zealand

Online Pokies is a word that New Zealand casino players call the online slots. The term ‘pokies’ stems from the video poker and slot games in Australian pubs.  When slot machines reached New Zealand, the name stuck. Since the online slots are an internet version of the traditional slot machines, it only made sense to still refer to these favourite casino game Pokies.These casino games are very popular all over the world and amongst Kiwi casino players. This is due to the fact that Pokies are relatively easy to play and are entertaining. There are also different variations of online pokies. This is what makes these internet versions of the slot machine even more exciting.

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Play the Best Online Pokies in New Zealand

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Best Online Pokies Real Money NZ

Online pokies are more enjoyable when you play them for real money. This just means that you use your NZ Dollars to play the Pokies. First, you need to identify a casino that accepts the New Zealand currency. Luckily there are a lot of those on the internet, so you will not struggle to find ones. Especially, when you are using the guides here at Casinos NZ.

Once you have identified a casino, you will have to make a deposit into the casino account when you have made a deposit into the account. Lastly, you can select which Pokies game you would like to play and then you are ready to play for the millions.

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NZ Pokies Online for Free

As much as it may be fun and even more entertaining to play real money online pokies, it is also great to play these games for free time to time. It is a good way to study the games and understand them better so that when you eventually play for real money, you have an idea of what is going on.

There are online casinos that have both options to play for real money or fun. You just need to decide which mode you prefer playing. Casinos that cater for both are usually the best choice because it becomes easy to play both ways using the same account.

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Playing Online Pokies in New Zealand

As we have mentioned, Pokies are relatively easy to play. They don’t require complex strategies to be able to win the game.

Most if not all online casinos have Pokies on their game selection. As a result, from the different variations that will be available at the casino of your choice, you just need to choose the variant that appeals to you.

Once you have decided on the game, you can simply start playing. The objective of the game is to match similar symbols. If you opt to play the game in real money mode, there are some features that you can enjoy such as free spins and other rewards.

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Different Kinds of Online Pokies

Online Pokies, also known as slots to the rest of the world, have various types that Kiwi players can choose to play. In this section, we are going to explore the different kinds and see how they are distinct from each other.


Three Reel Pokies

These games are the first and classic pokies that have three rotating wheels. Playing this kind of Pokies is straightforward. You just need to match three similar symbols on the middle lie to win. Three Reel Pokies can either have one or three paylines. Because of few paylines, do not expect a high percentage payout.



image of the 3-rel online pokies in new zealand

Five Reel Pokies

This variant of Pokies is also known as video Pokies, has way more paylines in comparison to the version mentioned above. The game has five rotating wheels that have a number of different symbols. While three reel pokies, you have to match the three similar symbols in the middle, five reel pokies, can match in a variety of ways. You can enjoy the great graphics, themes and extra features.

image of the 5-reel online pokies in new zealand

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots online pokies give New Zealand players the opportunity to win millions of rand in jackpots. Players, who opt to play the progressive contribute the jackpot. Each time a player wagers money towards a game, a certain percentage of that wager is put into the jackpot. Until the pool is won, the money will continue to accumulate.

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Popular Online Pokies in New Zealand

Pokies like any other casino games have variations that are popular than others. In this section, we list the Pokies the Kiwi players favour and enjoy playing.

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  • Mega Moolah

image of mega moolah online pokies in new zealand

  • Starburst

image of starburst online pokies in new zealand

  • Thunderstruck II

image of thunderstuck II online pokies in new zealand

  • Immortal Romance

image of immortal romance online pokies in new zealand

  • Gonzo’s Quest

image of gonzo's quest online pokies in new zealand

  • Beach Life

image of beach life online pokies in new zealand

  • Game of Thrones

image of game of thrones online pokies in new zealand

  • Jack and the Beanstalk

image of jack and the beanstalk online pokies in new zealand

  • Gladiator

image of gladiator online pokies in new zealand

  • Avalon

image of avalon online pokies in new zealand

Tips for Playing Online Pokies

Playing online pokies can be very enjoyable. However, there are some things to keep in mind when playing to avoid being an unhappy and irresponsible casino gambler. We have put together some tips to help guide you online pokies gaming. This will help you play responsibly and to enjoy playing these fun games.


Be aware of the different kinds of online Pokies

To be able to enjoy online Pokies thoroughly, it is crucial that you are aware of the various types. Because when you know the difference, you will be able to choose wisely according to your interest and what kind of jackpots you want to win. As a result, familiarise yourself with the various Pokies versions.

Manage your Gambling Budget wisely

When you are playing casino games, whether it be Pokies or any other game, you can lose track of time and the money you are spending. Hence, it is always a good idea to allocate money to this fun activity. Rather than spending the money, you were not meant to, having a gambling budget will prompt you to think twice before continuing.

Take advantage of the bonus rounds

Online Pokies are probably the only casino games that have bonus rounds that are activated when you find hidden symbols within the game. These symbols will unlock extra game rounds or free promotions. If you choose to play the bonus rounds, you increase the chances of winning even bigger jackpots.

image of tips for playing new zealand online pokies

Choose an Online Casino with a wide selection of Pokies

If you are interested in playing online Pokies, it will make sense to find a casino that offers enough options for you to play for hours on end. However, even if an online casino has a huge variety of online Pokies, ensure that it is regulated and safe.


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