Online Poker New Zealand 2018

Online Poker is a casino card game that New Zealand casino players can enjoy on the internet. The game by definition is a casino game where players place bets that their hand of cards will win over other player’s hands. If you are holding a hand of cards that is greater than that of others, then you are considered a winner in Poker.

In the 1990s when the first online casino was launched, casino games found at land-based casino were introduced on the internet. One of those games was the online Poker. Picking up its popularity from brick and mortar casinos, the interest in this game grew bigger.

Today in 2017, Kiwi players can enjoy this great casino game at internet casinos. You can also take advantage of the great casino bonuses rewarded by the online casino, to play this game.

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Best Online Poker New Zealand Sites

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Top-Rated Online Poker Real Money in New Zealand

Playing online Poker for real money is one of the fun and exciting ways to enjoy this game. You stand a chance to win big jackpots and keep the winnings that you make. However, if an online casino requires you to wager you winnings before you can claim it then do so. Hence, you have to read the terms and conditions of playing at your favoured online casino.

You will have to sign up with a safe and regulated online casino for real money to enjoy this game for real money. You can be able to use your NZD to play online Poker at real money casinos. It is advisable to avoid casinos that don’t accept the NZD because you will have to play exchange fees.

Fortunately, here Casinos NZ we have a list of the top-rated real money casinos in New Zealand. Our reviewers have searched the internet to ensure that they bring you nothing but the best.

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Best Online Poker Sites in New Zealand

A lot more people are becoming interested in the game of Poker on the internet. Most of the time the first thing that they would ask themselves is “where can I find the best Poker site?”.  As much as there are a lot of online casinos on the web, it does not mean that they are all the safest place to play online Poker. Whether you are playing the game for real money or fun.

Hence, Casinos NZ is a reliable online casino guide for any information you require about online Poker. This guide will provide you with relevant information. We also help you find the best online casinos where you can play online Poker.

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Criteria to Find the Top New Zealand’s Online Poker Sites

  • Secure game software
  • Great deposit bonus to play the game
  • Different Variations of online Poker
  • Fast payouts to get access to your winnings
  • Great gaming experience
  • Choose a top-rated online casino
  • Top-Rated Online Poker Variations in New Zealand

    There various kind of online Poker that New Zealand players can take pleasure in playing. The following variants are the most popular amongst players.

    NZ Texas Hold’em Poker

    Texas Hold’em is a more recognisable and well-known Poker game version. At the World Series of Poker (WSOP), this casino game is usually played at the main event. Poker variations are based on this game because it is easy to play.


    image of the best canadian texas hold'em online poker

    NZ Omaha Poker

    In this version of Poker, you will be dealt four cards unlike the two that you would receive when playing other variants. At some online Poker rooms, you can play Omaha Poker as part of the tournaments that they run.


    image of the best canadian omaha online poker

    NZ Seven Card Poker

    Back in the day, this was the most popular Poker game. With the introduction of Texas Hold’em, it lost a bit of its shine. However, it is still and exciting game to play. When playing this game, you will be dealt with three cards. One will be facing up, and the other two will be facing down.

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    NZ Razz Poker

    Razz is similar to the Poker game mentioned above. However, in this version, you must have the lowest possible hand to win the game.




    image of the best canadian razz online poker

    NZ Five Card Poker

    Probably the easiest variant of Poker to play. It comes as no surprise that a lot of New Zealand casino gamblers like playing this game. In this version, five cards are dealt to you. The cards will be facing down. You have the option to draw cards that will replace some cards that you would have received.

    image f the best canadian 5 card online poker

    NZ HORSE Online Poker

    Horse poker is a grouping of different variants of Poker. Each round of the game a different version is played. HORSE is an acronym for Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Razz, Seven Card Stud and Stud Hi-Lo.


    image of the best canadian HORSE online poker

    Online Poker Tips for New Zealand Players

    Playing Poker on the internet is more enjoyable because you can enjoy it from anywhere in the country. From Auckland to Christchurch, you can be able to play this game because it is also available from mobile casinos. However, there are some tips that you must keep in mind whenever you want to play the game of online Poker. Our reviewers have put together a few tips for you below:

  • Play at a secure and regulated Poker casino.
  • Consider playing Poker for free because you can be able to improve your gaming skills and strategy.
  • Set aside a budget for playing online Poker.
  • Understand the odds of the game to plan your wager better.
  • Familiarise yourself with the different variations of Poker.
  • Be sure to always read the terms and conditions of a Poker casino before playing.
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    New Zealand Online Poker FAQs

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    Can I receive bonuses for playing online Poker?
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