New Zealand Online Lotteries

If you know the film titled “Lottery Ticket”, starring rapper and actor Bow Wow, then you probably know how winning the lotto can change people’s lives.  Almost every single day, we think to ourselves or converse with others on what we would do if we won a lottery jackpot. Well, this is no different all over the world. Lotto is one of the biggest games played worldwide. In New Zealand, the lottery dates from as far as 1987.  Read on for more on New Zealand online lotteries.New Zealand Online Lotteries

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Online Lotteries in New Zealand

Conventional and online lotteries can best be described as casino games where money is generated via selling tickets. When playing online lotto Kiwi players need to guess numbers which they think will be drawn in the next game for a certain prize.

Different Types of NZ Lottery Games

There are several lottery games in New Zealand, and draws are practically every day of the week. Players get to pick which ones they prefer to play. More so, NZ lottery games are quite cheap to bet on. Below is a list of lottery games available for New Zealand players at the best NZ lotto websites:

Lotto NZ

Lotto or Lotto 6\40

Lotto is the most popular of all lottery games globally. Players get to pick six numbers of their choice out of 40 – per sequence. Winners are divided to what’s called “divisions”, and they get to share the pool money. If you match all the numbers, you win the estimated jackpot for that week. However, rules apply. That’s why CasinosNZ recommends that you always read the terms and conditions of each site or lottery game before you can wager.

More so, New Zealand lotto requires Kiwis to play a minimum of four lines at 60 cents each. The minimum total for a NZ lottery ticket is NZ$2.40. Draws take place every Saturday of the week and is televised on TV2 at 8 pm. NZ lotto players can purchase a ticket for this top game in stores and at online casinos.

Lotto Dip

Lotto dip is a player’s choice. This option is for Kiwis players who would like their lottery numbers randomly generated by a lottery ticket machine. Lotto Dip requires a minimum of 10 lines which costs a minimum of $6.00.

Lotto Strike

The goal for Lotto Strike is to match the ‘strike numbers’.  Strike numbers are the first four numbers in the lotto draw, in order. Lotto Strike can be added on to a normal lotto ticket for as little as $1.00. Kiwis stand a chance to win a minimum prize of $100 000 on Lotto Strike.


Powerball was introduced in New Zealand in 2001. A lottery Powerball boosts your lotto winnings by adding just four numbers at 60c per line. A Powerball is any number between one and ten – and is drawn from another machine. If you win NZ lotto and match the Powerball on the same line, you get to a win a share of the amount in the Powerball prize pool.

NZ lottery Winning strategy

Big Wednesday

This lottery game is televised every Wednesday. Introduced in 2005, Big Wednesday offers New Zealand punters an opportunity to win a minimum of NZ$2 million real money, and non-cash giveaways such as cars. Kiwis wager on this top game for NZ$1 per line. The minimum lines required per ticket not any different from Lotto. However, Big Wednesday is not a pick 6/40 like regular lotto, but a 6/50.

Also, a coin is tossed on Big Wednesday; players get to bet on the outcome of the coin whether heads or tails. Kiwis can only win Big Wednesday if they match the pick-6 numbers and coin outcome.

Big Wednesday Dip

Big Wednesday Dip is similar to Lotto Dip. Kiwis can choose to have the ticket machine to randomly select their numbers and coin outcome. Kiwi players are allowed to have two tickets with similar numbers but different coin bets.

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Tips for Playing Lottery Online in New Zealand

Just like other online casino games, CasinosNZ offers tips which Kiwis find useful when gambling online. Before players can wager at NZ lotteries online, they need to check the following:

  • Start by confirming that their preferred online lottery site is safe and secure
  • Carefully read through the lottery website’s terms and conditions
  • Manage their bankroll – don’t spend all your money at once

NZ Online Lottery Rules

Just as rules apply when wagering on lottery games at retail stores – the same goes for online lotteries. Here are some of the rules for NZ online lotto players to note:

NZ lotto rules

  • You must be 18 years or above to play NZ online lotteries
  • You can only select six numbers per sequence, a minimum of four lines is required
  • Players are allowed to bet on the same numbers repeatedly
  • Cash prizes should be claimed within a specified period (mentioned on the site’s T&C’s/ticket) of the draw date on your lottery ticket.

New Zealand Online Lotteries Overview

Online lottery is a great casino game played and enjoyed by most New Zealanders. Some describe it as “an ultimate game of chance”. Everyone dreams of hitting the jackpot, and that is quite possible. All you need to do is start playing online lotteries and cross fingers that you match the draw numbers.

Nevertheless, the money generated from selling lottery tickets goes back to your community, which is also good for the economy. Everybody wins at the end of the day.

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