Online Keno NZ Guide

Like Bingo, Keno is popular lottery based game enjoyed by many Kiwi players. Keno NZ is mostly prominent at public places since ticket sales are easily available at the stalls. The Keno game is straightforward, easy and very fun to play. In offline Keno, a caller generates a set of numbers and if these numbers match the chosen numbers of the player, the gambler wins.In the recent years, Keno was introduced to online casinos. However, Keno online is not generated by a caller but a random number generator (RNG) and is equally fun. Players in New Zealand can play online Keno for real money or play Keno online free no download. Read on to learn how to play Keno online and find the best Keno online betting New Zealand sites.

Online Keno NZ

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How to Play Online Keno

The online Keno game is very simple to understand. The game follows two gambling concepts; bet and win. Kiwi players have to choose numbers between 1 and 80. It’s up to the Keno NZ casino to set the limit for the numbers chosen by the gamble. Punters in NZ can pick up top 10 free Keno numbers in online Keno play. Thereafter, an online Keno number generator will generate 10 numbers randomly. The counts of the player’s numbers that match with the random numbers will determine the amount that you win. The term “catch” will then be coined with the matching number.

Play Keno for Money & Win Real Cash Instantly

Online Keno lottery is purely a game of chance, there are no strategies involved when playing the Keno online game. To begin playing online Keno real money, players need to select their bet amount. Once that’s completed, you will need to choose your online Keno betting numbers. Usually, the Keno casino will display numbers on your desktop or mobile screen. You can opt to either select your own numbers or have the Keno NZ casino select your numbers randomly (by the use of RNG, as mentioned earlier). Players can select and unselect numbers by just clicking on them again.

More so, NZ punters also have an option where they select how many consecutive games they wish to play with the same numbers. For example; the “Play One” button a plays the game once, meanwhile “Play Five” plays the numbers in five consecutive draws.

NZ Keno

Keno Online Free Games NZ

Before you can play Keno online for money, we suggest that you first try out free online Keno machines, this to familiarise yourself with the Keno online game. The best New Zealand casinos, such as the ones on our list, have keno online demo games. NZ players can polish their online keno betting skills by playing these games.

Online Keno Tips & Tricks

As many like to put it; playing online Keno real money is like testing your luck and how much luck supports you. Once you’ve placed your wager to play Keno for money, all you need to do is sit back and hope luck is on your side.  There is no master plan or whatsoever.  But, we have a few tips that we believe can help Kiwi players when playing Keno online.

  • Play online Keno for fun before you play online Keno for money.
  • Set and manage your bankroll.
  • Take advantage of the online Keno bonus offered by the casino.
  • Check the different Keno games payouts and always read the terms and conditions before wagering.

Online Keno History

The Keno game can be traced to thousands of years ago. It is rumoured to have originated in China about 3000 years ago, during Cheng Leung’s regime in the Han Dynasty. Keno was formerly known as the ‘White Pigeon Game, and its original form consisted of 120 characters instead of numbers.

Online Keno FAQs

Which casinos have Keno?

The best casinos in New Zealand offer this lottery-styled game. Kiwi players can play Keno for money or try Keno online free games at our highly recommended Keno online casinos listed here.

How does Keno lottery work?

In online Keno, players have to choose between 1 and 80 numbers. If their numbers match those of the casino caller, the gambler wins. The amount that players win is determined by the number of matched numbers.

Can you play Keno online for real money?

Absolutely! NZ punters can play real money Keno online to win real cash and jackpots at the best Kiwi casinos.

Can I play free online Keno games for fun?

Of course! Our recommended NZ online Keno casinos allow you to try out the best Keno online casino games for free. Punters can enjoy online daily Keno games in the comfort of their own home. Kiwis can play Keno on their desktop or mobile devices.

Are Keno numbers random?

Yes, NZ Keno game numbers are generated by a random number generator (RNG) and are audited by independent institutions such as eCOGRA to ensure that gaming is fair at all times.

Is there any online Keno bonus in New Zealand?

Yes. Kiwi casino players can expect numerous real money bonuses to play Keno when they play at the best casinos in New Zealand.