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Bingo is one of the most loved lottery-styled casino games in New Zealand. Usually, the game is played at physical bingo halls with a bingo caller shouting out the winning numbers while players check their bingo tickets to see if they have scored a match. However, the bingo format online is slightly different.  Players can either choose to play a computerised version of online bingo or bingo chat games run by a live bingo caller. More so, Kiwi players can play bingo games free or play the best bingo online for real money. Read on to learn about Bingo games online!

Online bingo NZ

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Bingo How to Play

Playing bingo online is relatively easy. Bingo is one of the best casino games. Fair online bingo casino software is used for calculating winning cards and players can play more than one card at a time. To select the numbers, the best bingo sites use a random number generator (RNG) which is audited by independent institutions for fairness. So, NZ bingo players can rest assured that they have the same chance of winning during an online bingo game. To start playing the game of bingo NZ, players are given a bingo card with 25 squares arranged in a 5×5 square bingo board. Usually, the numbers range between 1 and 90, 1 and 75, or 1 and 30. It depends on which bingo version a punter is playing. More so, if the numbers on a bingo card matches that of a bingo generator, the bingo caller, which here is the computer, will call the term “Bingo” and pause the gameplay. The player’s winnings are directly deposited to your account.

Popular New Zealand Bingo Games

Kiwi players are spoilt of choice when it comes to bingo games. There are several bingo variations to choose from. Below are some of the most popular and commonly played ball bingo games available for New Zealand players.

30-Number Bingo

As the name may suggest, this bingo game variation is played with 30 numbers. The bingo ticket is usually a 3×3 square. Players need to match the all normal and middle numbers on the bingo in order to win.

American Bingo

American bingo played with 75 numbers in a 5×5 square arrangement. All squares, with exception for one in the middle, have numbers in them. The middle square left blank is called ‘free space’.

Speed Bingo

A much faster-paced version of American Bingo.

British Bingo

This variation of bingo consists of 90 numbers arranged in a 9×3 row arrangement. In each row there is usually four random blank spaces distributed.

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Online Bingo for Real Cash

Kiwi bingo players can access and play online bingo real money at the best New Zealand casinos. Playing online bingo for real money is not only fun but very rewarding because players get to win real cash and attractive bingo jackpots. The best online bingo casinos even offer several secure banking methods for players to deposit real money to play bingo. Punters can also use some of the methods to make withdrawals, should they win real money playing bingo.

Bingo Games Free Play

Playing online bingo for free is a good start, especially for beginner players. Free online bingo games allow you to test bingo games and polish your online bingo NZ skills. Online bingo best sites in New Zealand offer this option to Kiwi players. More so, you can choose to either play online bingo games free no download or download the online bingo software and play mobile bingo directly from their device.

Bingo Lingo for Kiwi Players

Bingo Card – Also known as a bingo ticket, this card consists of columns and rows with numbers to keep track of what numbers a bingo player has hit.

Blackout – Another term for ‘Coverall” used to refer to when all the numbers on a bingo card are daubed.

Buy in – The cost of a bingo ticket.

Caller – Refers to the person who calls out the numbers on a bingo game.

Chat – Online bingo halls with interactive chat with other players, this can also refer to live dealer bingo.

Free Space – a blank space- usually found in the middle- on a bingo board.

Online Bingo FAQs

What is online bingo?

A popular lottery-styled game played at bingo halls and online casinos.

Can you play bingo online for money?

Yes, the best New Zealand bingo sites offer online bingo real money.

Can you win online bingo?

Of course! The biggest online bingo jackpot ever won was NZ$10.3 million. The player was a 60 year-old from Long Sutton, Lincolnshire.

What online bingo is the best?

90 ball bingo, also known as British bingo.

Can I play online bingo for fun?

Of course, Kiwi players can play bingo games free at the best New Zealand online bingo casino sites.

Can I play online bingo with PayPal?

Absolutely! Top New Zealand to play real money bingo including PayPal.

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